Saturday, May 28, 2011

Jessica Alba: Shopping with Honor

Tending to some errands ahead of the holiday weekend, Jessica Alba and Honor Marie were spotted doing a bit of grocery shopping in Beverly Hills, CA on Friday (May 27).

Sporting a gorgeous long dress and jacket, the ?Machete? mama and her darling tu-tu-wearing daughter stocked up on healthy foods as they made their way around Whole Foods.

In related news, as the spokeswoman for Safer Chemical, Healthy Families, Alba recently took her message to Washington D.C. where she supported the overhaul of the Toxic Substances Control Act, which regulates the government?s control of chemicals.

"Like many other moms out there, I try to buy safe products for my family, but that can't be the only solution. You can't hire a team of scientists to do your shopping for you. At some point the government has to step in and ensure that chemicals are safe before our children are exposed to them," Jess was quoted as saying.


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