Monday, May 23, 2011

Britney Spears Performances Expected To Highlight Billboard Awards

Britney Spears will hit the stage not once, but twice at tonight?s Billboard Awards show?but will her less than perfect track record come back to haunt her? Everyone remembers the time she flubbed up big time on stage at the VMAs in 2007. She later told the press that she saw herself on the monitors and thought she looked fat. It was supposed to be her big comeback, and there were plenty of people betting against her. That was the point that I stopped poking fun at her, and began to feel sorry for her. For all of the head shaving, chain-smoking madness, this was a low point. Luckily for herself, and of course, her kids, she pulled it together a few years later with the very successful Circus Tour. Her album and singles did well, and her behavior seemed to level out. Sunday night?s Billboard Awards performance is in many ways another test. Her current record isn?t doing all that well, and the hot singles aren?t exactly hot. Enrique Iglesias had a little falling out with her over the summer tour, and people are once again betting against her. One nod in her direction tonight will be the company [...]


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